Video converter for iphone

iphone-video-converterThe formats in which videos are generally available on the internet are not compatible with iPhone. So to play videos of DivX and other format on iPhone you first need to convert it into a format which is compatible with iPhone. Most of the videos that we download are in DivX or AVI format so to watch them on an iPhone it becomes necessary to convert them using a converter for iPhone. Converting videos to iPhone compatible mp4 format is an easy task comprising of a few simple steps.

There are many converters for iPhone that are available on the internet. The best converter for iPhone can be easily downloaded for free or purchased online. You need to install the converter on your computer and then run it. Then browse the file on the interface that appears and load it on to the converter. Now the video that you want to convert has been selected. Now select the output format, which is mp4 format for iPhone compatibility. Then you need to select an mp4 profile among the various profiles available on the converter, this selection is based upon your requirement. Profiles like iPhone 480*320 mpeg4 video, iPod MP4 video, iPod h264 video or iPhone audio are available. Then with a click on the convert icon the conversion will begin and within a few minutes your video file will be converted into a format compatible with your iPhone. Now you can load the video on a playlist on iTunes library and then sync it with your iPhone to transfer it into your iPhone. Following these easy steps you can convert any video into an iPhone compatible format.

So, if you have recently downloaded a video from the internet and you want to watch it on your iPhone, then all you need to do is get a converter for iPhone from the internet and follow a few simple steps.