Fun with numbers

The good aspect of the human invention is the numbers and mathematics. Because they play a very major role in our real world scenario in a greater extent so that we have to barely depend upon them at every walk of our life. When we purchase products from a retailer we often get the bills from them which is computerized, we in a hurry mood, doesn’t even have an enthusiasm to see what was in the bill and how the bill is made, taxes for the items are being added.

This is the major hindrance of the simpler mathematics into our day to day activities. This is the only scenario that I’ve explained, but there are many scenarios in our day to day life depend on numbers and arithmetic.

Many of the individuals and students are depending upon calculators and many digitized counting machines for simpler calculation. This might seem to be very easy, but the amount of destruction that it causes to us remains hidden. As we are relying more and more on the calculators we are losing our ability to solve problems. This is mainly seen in the present generation kids. Because as the advancement of technology is at the top, we can’t deny the use of latest model mobiles and laptops that comes with the inbuilt calculator applications that can be used at a single stroke which is making the brains of the students to be blunt.

We can enjoy the fantasy behind numbers only we are trying to solve more and more problems. This is the undeniably an important fact. We have to get hands on training in solving problems so that we can able to amuse ourselves and get lost in the vast ocean of mathematics. Numbers can be thought of as simpler ones so that we can destroy the myth about solving problems. So we must work on it very efficiently to enjoy the fantasy of numbers and arithmetic.