Microsoft wins first round in Clash with over former exec

Recently Microsoft has blocked one of their general managers from taking the position of customer relationship management at the According the court papers it has been discovered that Mr. Matt Miszewski working as an executive at the post of manager in the organization has desecrated with the firm and also violated the private contract by accepting an offer of senior vice president at In reaction of which the court has temporarily forbidden him from providing services to any other organization or holding any other positions at any other place for the time period he is with the Microsoft.

The gravity of the situation can be realized by the stated given by David Howard in which he stated that, “the subject matter concerns an active employee at the Microsoft who has the most valuable information about the customers and as well as sensitive competitive data that could be useful at”. In another statement by the Microsoft deputy general counsel, “it has straight a way disobeyed the secrecy and non competitive accord that was being signed by the employee at the first day of working”. has become a sever rival and competitor of Microsoft as far as the customer relationship management and clouding computing is concerned. From time to time both of these organizations have been in competition with one another by offering various services in order of attracting the customers of others for example special pricing was being publicize by the Microsoft for their online CRM services, this operation was performed in order attract the current consumers and users of, so that they may switch from to Microsoft. Against this act of Microsoft, filed a case in the court, however, the case was resolved by both the firms after reaching a mutual agreement, this event took place in the last summer.

In the above mentioned case the issue that rose was this that Mr. Miszewski, who has accepted the job offer at the has the access to the confidential client and strategic plans of the Microsoft that can create problems for the organization, which is highly unacceptable for the organization.